Banking Tips

Learn more about banking digitally with credit union deposit accounts like checking, savings and certificates.

9/20/21  Banking Tips
What are the advantages of a credit union?

Credit unions put members first. But what does that mean for you? Find out about all the benefits of banking with a credit union.

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8/12/21  Banking Tips
You should never pay overdraft fees again

Get the scoop on bank overdraft fees and why you should not ever pay them again. Alliant has eliminated overdraft fees for all checking and savings accounts!

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8/4/21  Banking Tips
Climb to new heights with a certificate ladder

One way savers can benefit from compounding interest while minimizing risk and maintaining a relative degree of liquidity is through an investment practice known as CD laddering. 

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6/30/21  Banking Tips
Benefits of opening a bank account for a child

A bank account can teach children the value of money management and the importance of saving. Do not pass up the opportunity to pass down lessons that could last a lifetime.

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6/16/21  Banking Tips
What to look for in a savings account

The features of a savings account can vary, so look over them carefully when choosing a savings account. Pay particular attention to interest rates and fees.

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6/8/21  Banking Tips
Share certificate vs. CD (certificate of deposit)

Why does Alliant have share certificates and not certificates of deposit? Here's how a share certificate is similar and how it can help you reach your financial goals.

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