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4/21/22  Budgeting & Saving
Do higher gas prices mean it’s time to buy a hybrid or electric car?

With gas prices on the rise, you may be considering switching to a hybrid or electric car to reduce fuel costs. However, there are several factors, both financial and non-financial, to consider when deciding whether that move makes sense.

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4/15/22  Budgeting & Saving
How to pay for grad school by Suze Orman

Investing in your future isn’t a guaranteed win if it costs too much.

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4/14/22  Budgeting & Saving
6 of the best cheap road trips in the U.S.

Planning a road trip? See how you can make your money go further with these scenic and affordable excursions all over the country.

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4/11/22  Budgeting & Saving
Use your ‘bonus’ paycheck to reach your financial goals faster

Twice a year, most employees get an extra, "bonus" paycheck! Learn how you can use your third monthly paycheck to reduce your debt, transition your checking to a higher-yield account or boost your savings. Plus, get the schedule for all the three-paycheck months for the next two years so you can plan ahead. 

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3/30/22  Budgeting & Saving
Savings vs. checking account: Here’s the difference

Learn how maximize each account and the difference between the two.

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2/28/22  Budgeting & Saving
Calculating your net worth: why it’s important

Do you know what your net worth is? If not, it's worth calculating so you have an overall picture of your financial health.

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