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Demystify the world of credit scores, credit cards and loans. We share what you need to know about debt, including car loans and personal loans.

11/9/22  Credit & Loans
Will a personal loan help or hurt my credit score?

A personal loan could help or hurt your credit. Before you apply for a personal loan, it's a good idea to understand your credit score and how a personal loan could affect it.

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11/1/22  Credit & Loans
6 things you want to know about personal loans

Personal loans could be a quick way to get cash but how do they work, what can they be used for, and is it the right loan for you? Here are some answers.

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10/26/22  Credit & Loans
When is your credit score pulled?

Check out this list so you're never surprised by a credit inquiry.

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10/14/22  Credit & Loans
Financial myths: Is using a credit card always bad?

Some financial advice argues that having a credit card is always a bad idea, but is this accurate? Discover the true impact of credit cards on your finances.

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10/12/22  Credit & Loans
Will paying off an auto loan help or hurt my credit score?

Does paying off a car loan help credit? Paying off a loan can often cause a temporary dip in your credit score because you lose an active account. 

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9/14/22  Credit & Loans
Is a balance transfer a good idea for your finances?

Are you wondering, "Is a balance transfer a good move?" You can learn more about this financial option and decide whether it would benefit your situation. 

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