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Making the new year more financially secure

February 04, 2014

By Pam Leibfried

Did you make New Year's resolutions related to your family's finances? Save more? Reduce or pay off your credit card debt? Save for college, a new car or a home? Or did you resolve to start following a budget, or even just to take a serious look at your spending habits to see if there's somewhere you can cut expenses so you'll have more money at the end of each month?

If so, Alliant can help you to stick to those resolutions in the coming year. We provide financial management resources for our members so that they can improve their financial wellness – this year and every year. Here are just a few of the resources available to you as an Alliant member:

  • Personal Financial Management (PFM) application — Alliant's PFM tool lets you tag your transactions by expense category, making it easier to analyze your expenses and develop a budget. And by simply inputting your non-Alliant assets and debts into PFM, you can see a complete, 360-degree view of your family's finances and track your family's total net worth. (Don't have an Alliant Online Banking PFM account? Create your account today: log in to Alliant Online Banking, select the Budget & Planning tab at the top of the screen and then select Financial Management.)
  • Money Matters — Alliant is working with personal finance experts at GreenPath Debt Solutions, LPL Financial, NerdWallet and to research and share insights and advice that can help you to manage your money and reach your financial goals. Whatever your financial New Year's resolutions are, Money Matters can provide insights to help you achieve success.
  • GreenPath Debt Solutions — Alliant members are eligible to consult with GreenPath Debt Solutions, one of the industry's most respected financial counseling programs – for free. To learn more about the financial counseling services available free to Alliant members, visit the Financial Counseling page on our website. 
  • Alliant's social media channels — If you follow Alliant on FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn or Pinterest, you'll get ongoing tips and information on financial management topics and links to personal finance news, articles and videos that will help you to stay on track to keep your 2014 resolutions.

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