Skip the Black Friday doorbusters – give gift cards instead

November 26, 2014 | Jess Bedsole

Black Friday deals are certainly nothing to squander. Scoring a massive television for less than half price or getting the toy of the year on clearance is a sport to some. However, if you’d like to stay home this year and still want to give gifts your family and friends will value, consider gift cards.

Now, many write gift cards off as impersonal and thoughtless gifts. Be that as it may, many teenagers and others on your list may prefer to have the funds for their own shopping spree.

The packaging can make or break a gift card as a present. Rather than giving a simple $50 gift card in a greeting card or envelope, consider buying five $10 gift cards to several favorite shopping spots and gifting them inside a new wallet, purse or accessory.

If the recipient you’re shopping for loves Chinese takeout, purchase a gift card to their favorite Asian-inspired restaurant and package the card inside a take out box full of fortune cookies. A trendy teen may love a new pair of headphones packaged with a gift card for more music or apps.

New homeowners would appreciate a bucket full of eco-friendly cleaning supplies with a gift card to help them acquire essentials for their new home, while a nail-obsessed little girl would enjoy a mani-kit filled mason jar with a gift card to a salon for her very own manicure.

Toddlers love trucks – tuck a gift card in the driver’s seat and wrap it up with a big, red bow! For a mom and dad who need a night out, offer a few boxes of movie candy with a gift card to cover two tickets to the latest box office hit.

Giving gift cards can be thoughtful and inspired. If you aren’t sure what store would best fit the recipients on your list, try a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere.

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