Tips to protect yourself from a retailer data breach

August 19, 2014 | Alliant Credit Union

AB Acquisition LLC, which operates stores under the Jewel-Osco, Albertsons, Shaw’s, Star Markets and ACME Markets banners, recently became aware of an “unlawful intrusion” into their data systems. This breach occurred between June 22 and July 17, and is believed to have been an attempt to obtain credit and debit card payment information in some of its stores.

They are working with data forensics experts and federal authorities to investigate this incident. At this time, they have not confirmed that any credit card or debit card data was in fact stolen, and there is no evidence that any of their data has been misused. 

Alliant is aware of the AB Acquisition situation and is closely monitoring updates to the investigation from Albertsons, law enforcement and Visa. While they conduct their investigation of the incident, Alliant Visa credit and debit cardholders are always protected.

If you used a credit or debit card at an affected store between June 22 and July 17, we encourage you to take precautionary measures such as checking your accounts for unauthorized transactions. Additional security measures you may also want to consider are changing your debit card personal identification number (PIN) and/or setting up automated notifications when your debit card is used. To learn more about protecting the safety and security of your debit and credit cards, refer to our February Members Circle article on that topic. 

If you believe your credit or debit card has been used without your authorization, you should call the toll-free number on the back of your card immediately. Alliant will continue to closely monitor this situation and provide updates to our members on our website. If you have any questions or concerns about your Alliant accounts, you can call us at 800-328-1935 (24/7). 

Credit cards with EMV smart chips offer additional protection. You can learn more about EMV smart cards by referring to the EMV FAQ on our website or reading our past articles summarizing EMV cards and using them when traveling internationally. A brief summary is included below.

What is an EMV card?
An EMV smart card has a microchip embedded in it, making it very difficult to counterfeit. Although EMV chips can’t prevent all fraud, they have significantly reduced credit card fraud in nations that have already adopted the technology.

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