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8/9/21  Budgeting & Saving
Teaching your kids about financial success by Suze Orman

Learn about why saying "no," leading by example, and allowing your child to spend are all important steps to raising financially healthy kids and young adults.

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8/4/21  Banking Tips
Climb to new heights with a certificate ladder

One way savers can benefit from compounding interest while minimizing risk and maintaining a relative degree of liquidity is through an investment practice known as CD laddering. 

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7/23/21  Mortgage & Home
Condo or single-family home? How it can affect your mortgage

If you're trying to decide between a condo and a single-family home, check out these considerations.

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7/9/21  Budgeting & Saving
Suze Orman’s three key numbers to financial security: 740, 88 and 70

These three simple numbers won't help you win the lottery, but they will ensure a more affordable life now and in retirement. Learn why Suze says she lives by these digits.

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6/30/21  Banking Tips
Benefits of opening a bank account for a child

A bank account can teach children the value of money management and the importance of saving. Do not pass up the opportunity to pass down lessons that could last a lifetime.

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6/23/21  Credit & Loans
Dos and don’ts when adding authorized users to a card

Adding an authorized user to your credit card account can help the authorized user build credit, but the arrangement must be created carefully to avoid pitfalls.

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