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8/7/15  Grab BagSavings & Retirement
What’s going on with Puerto Rico’s debt issue?

Why has Puerto Rico been in the news so much of late? It defaulted on its debt, big time. Will it affect you?

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8/7/15  Housing
High demand and limited supply lift home sale prices

Good news for homeowners: Home values continue to grow, increasing home equity. But the supply of homes for sale is getting tighter right now for homebuyers.

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8/5/15  Up Your Security IQ
Phishing scams turn 20 years old: A (brief) history and current trends

You’ve been warned to avoid phishing attacks since the moment you opened an email account, and for good reason. But how long has phishing actually been around? And how did it come to be?

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7/30/15  Smart Spending Tips
Ready for a new car? Buy one that retains its resale value

When you buy a new car, your vehicle's depreciation is the single biggest expense for the first five years. Here’s how to buy a car that will hold its resale value.

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7/29/15  Credit 101Smart Spending Tips
Should you get a rewards credit card?

What do you need to consider when deciding if you should get a rewards credit card? We’ll clue you in to the key deciding factor, along with a couple of situations which are exceptions to the usual rule of thumb. 

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7/23/15  Grab Bag
FAQ: What Documents/Accounts Do You Need to Update After Marriage?

The big day has come and gone, and you’re finally married. Now the real fun begins – updating documents! Get started by knocking out these seven. 

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