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2/16/15  Housing
Home prices barometer

U.S. home sale prices in December continued a 34-month trend in year-over-year increases, with December 2014 prices showing an increase of 5.0% nationwide compared to December 2013, according to the CoreLogic Home Price Index. 

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2/15/15  Housing
Starting veggies from seeds to transplant in your garden

An easy way to increase the savings realized from your gardening hobby is to start your own plants from seeds instead of buying plants at the local garden center or from a garden/seed catalog. Get some tips on container, soil, lighting and watering needs to start your own seedlings successfully. 

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2/14/15  Housing
Make your backyard into a five-star hotel for birds

February is National Bird Feeding Month. Learn about the three fundamental things the birds in your back yard need most: water, food and shelter.

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2/12/15  Grab Bag
First Person: I Make My Own DIY Snack

Learn how our blogger Jess Bedsole saves by making healthy snacks for her family, and get her recipe for Pumpkin Pie Popcorn Snack Mix. 

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2/10/15  Savings & Retirement
Saving for retirement in your 50s

In Part Four of our five-part series, we discuss retirement savings strategies for those in their 50s. Learn about tax-advantaged catch-up contributions, consolidation of "orphaned" 401(k) accounts from previous employers, and how your empty nest can help you to save more for your retirement. 

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2/5/15  Up Your Security IQ
Using alerts to improve the security of your accounts

Learn about the types of email alerts you can set up in Alliant Online Banking to monitor your account transactions and protect yourself against fraud. 

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