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6/12/14  Savings & Retirement
How Language May Affect the Amount of Money You Save

A behavioral economics theory proposes that Americans' lack of savings may be influenced by the strong future-time references in the English language. Speakers of languages like English, with strong future tenses, tend to save less than citizens in countries that use languages with weak future-time references.

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6/10/14  Smart Spending Tips
Money saving tips for road trips

Taking care of your car before your summer road trip starts can help take care of your wallet. 

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6/1/14  Alliant News
Deadline extended to June 27: Earn a $2,000 college scholarship!

Are you an Alliant member in good standing and in the market for a college scholarship? Apply for a $2,000 scholarship from Alliant. 

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6/1/14  Alliant NewsCredit 101Smart Spending Tips
Meet the winners of Alliant’s “Sign and Win” debit card contest

Life is easier –and can be financially rewarding -- with an Alliant Visa® Debit Card. Meet three people who won money by using our card. 

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6/1/14  Alliant NewsGrab Bag
What’s your style: banking via a branch, online or both?

How financial institutions compete to provide services to satisfy you, whether you prefer to bank via computer, mobile banking or brick-and-mortar branches.

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5/20/14  Alliant NewsUp Your Security IQ
Knowing Your Credit Union’s Online Security Features

Learn how your credit union protects the security of your accounts when you bank online. 

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