Banking Tips

Learn more about banking digitally with credit union deposit accounts like checking, savings and certificates.

6/26/20  Banking Tips
How is APY calculated? (Annual percentage yield)

You want your money to make money. You also know that a high APY is important. But, how does annual percentage yield work? And how do you know you are maximizing your savings?

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6/11/20  Banking Tips
Cooperatives: What they do and how they work

Co-ops are all around us. Learn more about what cooperatives are, how they work, and why they matter.

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6/10/20  Banking Tips
What to look for in a savings account

The features of a savings account can vary, so look over them carefully when choosing a savings account. Pay particular attention to interest rates and fees.

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4/14/20  Banking Tips
Naming your beneficiaries

Here are some tips on how to ensure that your family is protected by having beneficiaries named for all your accounts.

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3/10/20  Banking Tips
How to switch bank or credit union accounts seamlessly

See why digital banking has helped make transferring accounts to a new bank or credit union much easier. 

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3/4/20  Banking Tips
Why your checking account type matters

Your checking account should allow you to spend and deposit with ease. Take a look at your options so you can pick the best account for you.

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