Fraud Prevention & Security

Protect your identity and your finances by staying on top of the latest security and fraud prevention measures.

8/10/20  Fraud Prevention & Security
5 common COVID scams and how to protect yourself

Learn about common COVID-19 scams so you can protect yourself from fraud.

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4/7/20  Fraud Prevention & Security
Everything you need to know about skimming fraud

Get one step ahead of debit and credit card fraudsters with these tips on how to avoid, spot, and report skimming devices.  

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3/23/20  Fraud Prevention & Security
Detecting the signs of financial scams during COVID-19

Learn the signs of potential financial scams that prey on innocent Americans during times of crisis.  

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12/12/19  Fraud Prevention & Security
A free credit freeze: What does it mean for you?

It’s easy to feel helpless about data breaches and identity theft but we all have access to an additional level of security for free.

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8/6/19  Fraud Prevention & Security
Are budgeting apps safe to use?

Learn about the risks of financial aggregators and how to better protect yourself when using these services.

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5/23/19  Fraud Prevention & Security
How to use automated alerts to protect yourself from fraud

Learn about how one of our bloggers uses two-factor authentication, Alliant fraud alerts and other security protections offered to Alliant members to protect her financial accounts from fraud after her personal information was part of a major data breach.    

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