Alliant’s Emergency Savings Benefit for employees

A cost-free solution for companies available nationwide

Alliant Emergency Savings Benefit

An employee emergency savings benefit is needed more than ever

Financial stresses are distracting your employees and decreasing productivity at work, which is costing your organization money.


35% of employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work. 94


49% of those who are distracted by their finances at work say that they spend three hours or more at work each week thinking about or dealing with issues related to their finances. 94


Taking a 401(k) loan could delay an employee’s retirement. For an employer with 3,000 employees and workforce costs of $200 million, a one-year delay in retirement age may result in employer costs up to $3 million. 95

Our team could help you create a better financial future for your employees

Your organization will receive:

  • Data-driven strategies to address the financial stress that's impacting your business
  • A program that is easy to implement and continue within your organization
  • Ongoing emergency savings benefit communications and financial education opportunities
  • Quarterly participation reports
  • An educational benefit in which every employee could participate

Alliant has the financial wellness tools your organization needs

You may be able to improve employee satisfaction, productivity and retention with an employee emergency savings benefit through Alliant. Check out our whitepaper to learn more.

Our turnkey emergency savings benefit includes:

High-rate savings account to help build funds quickly

Checking solutions like ATM rebates for easy access to funds

Reporting on program adoption and how it's supporting your workforce

Campaigns and financial tips to empower your employees to save

When your organization of 1,000+ US employees becomes an Alliant Preferred Partner, we’ll work with you to provide a unique emergency savings benefit for your employees and their families. It’s a great way to enhance your overall employee benefits program — at no charge and available nationwide.

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What makes our emergency savings benefit unique?

Zero-cost solution
Doesn’t compete with core benefits
Actionable financial wellness resources
Available nationwide