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Alliant now offers mobile payment options for Alliant Visa® credit and debit cards!

You can use your Alliant Visa® credit and debit cards with digital payment systems like Google Pay™, Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, PayPal, Venmo and Visa Checkout. Once you're enrolled in your chosen mobile payment platform, you can make purchases and check out with the simple touch of a finger. 

Secure Transactions
When you complete a transaction using your Alliant credit or debit card with a digital payment platform:

  • Your name, card number and security code stay private.
  • You don't give your physical card to anyone.
  • Your actual card numbers are not shared with retailers.
  • The retailer receives only a transaction-specific code or "token" to process your payment.

Because the payment code can only be used once, your accounts are better protected against fraud. And if there is a fraudulent charge, Visa's Zero Liability policy protects you.

Paying with your phone is simple. Learn more about:

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