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10/14/14  Alliant News
Why do business with a credit union, such as Alliant, rather than a bank?

When you're looking at the benefits of joining a credit union, keep in mind the basic difference between a credit union and a bank: credit unions are in business to make money <em>for </em> their members, not <em>from</em> them. 

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10/7/14  Credit 101Savings & Retirement
Borrowing against your 401(k)

Learn some of the factors you need to consider if you are thinking of borrowing against your 401(k) plan:

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10/1/14  Smart Spending Tips
Is going to a movie worth the price?

People still flock to movie theaters despite all the options to watch movies in the comfort of home. What’s the allure of seeing a flick at the theater, and is it worth the price of admission?

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10/1/14  Savings & Retirement
Three keys to more successful investing (part two)

Learn investment tips to maximize your gains and minimize your losses.

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10/1/14  Grab Bag
Does money buy happiness?

Money makes you happier – or does it? Evaluate the research and learn how to get the most happiness from your dollars.

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10/1/14  Alliant NewsSavings & Retirement
Alliant raises its savings dividend rate to 0.80% APY

Alliant raises savings dividend to 0.80% – 6.2 times the national bank average.

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