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12/19/14  Up Your Security IQ
Alert: Holiday package delivery scam emails

Please be on the watch for a phony email being sent to consumers this holiday season. The email looks like it is from the U.S. Postal Service and claims that there was a problem with the delivery of a package to your home. The email is a scam, and could cause malware to be installed on your PC.

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12/17/14  Housing
How to de-ice your sidewalk and drive without de-foresting your lawn

Learn tips on keeping your driveway and sidewalks free of ice this winter while protecting your lawn from being killed by de-icers in the process. 

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12/16/14  Housing
What color should you paint your bedroom for a good night’s sleep

The color of your bedroom has a lot to do with the quality of your sleep, according to a recent study. Find out which colors are best for a night full of refreshing zzz’s. 

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12/15/14  Housing
Home prices barometer

U.S. home sale prices in October continue a 32-month trend in year-over-year increases, with October 2014 prices showing an increase of 6.1% nationwide compared to October 2013, according to the CoreLogic Home Price Index. All 50 states show a year-over-year home price increase, and foreclosure inventory is down 26.4% nationally during the same period. 

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12/11/14  Grab Bag
Surviving holiday travel

Tens of millions of Americans travel by road, rail and air during the holiday season. If you're traveling, keep in mind that many other people are traveling too, so patience is a necessity. Learn some tips to survive your holiday travels without having a meltdown.

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12/1/14  Credit 101Smart Spending TipsUp Your Security IQ
The best way to pay for a rental car: Credit card or debit card?

Not long ago there was just one way you could pay for a rental car – by credit card. Now, many car rental agencies let you book and pay for a car with a debit card. What are the pros and cons of using each kind of card? And which method of payment makes sense for you?

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