Banking Tips

Learn more about banking digitally with credit union deposit accounts like checking, savings and certificates.

11/19/14  Banking Tips
IRA Basics

Learn the basics of Individual Retirement Accounts.

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10/16/14  Banking Tips
International Credit Union Day

As credit unions globally celebrate October 16 as International Credit Union Day, we examine how the Alliant Credit Union Foundation exemplifies this year’s event theme of “Local Service, Global Good.”

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10/15/14  Banking Tips
Importance of cooperation and service

In Part 2 of our series for International Credit Union Day, learn how the credit union roots of cooperation and mutual benefit are reflected at Alliant – all in service of our members.

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10/14/14  Banking Tips
Why it’s best to sign for debit card purchases

When you're looking at the benefits of joining a credit union, keep in mind the basic difference between a credit union and a bank: credit unions are in business to make money <em>for </em> their members, not <em>from</em> them. 

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1/23/14  Banking Tips
How money management tools can help you avoid overdrafts

Tips from on how to avoid overdraft fees.

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