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Alliant Credit Union Foundation Holds 2013 Annual Meeting


Alliant Credit Union Foundation recently held its Annual Meeting for fiscal year 2013, according to Wayne Rosenwinkel, Foundation President and Alliant Credit Union Chief Investment Officer. The meeting took place in Chicago, at the credit union’s headquarters near O’Hare International Airport.

The Foundation, whose purpose is to promote economic empowerment and self-sufficiency, was established in 2009 through a $4 million grant from the credit union. Mr. Rosenwinkel said, “The Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation, which donates approximately $200,000 per year to charities, schools and other community organizations. We focus on providing grants in communities where Alliant Credit Union members and employees live and work.” Assistance is broadly distributed, since the credit union has locations in various market areas from New Jersey to California.

Types of support include:

  • Education – helping to raise the level of financial literacy of youth and adults;
  • Service – donating time, energy and resources that improve conditions for those in need;
  • Grants – improving the lives of people through financial support;
  • Investments – providing community development investment dollars for projects and programs aligned with the Foundation’s mission.

The Annual Meeting featured a review of fiscal year 2013 Foundation grants, a discussion of potential Fiscal Year 2014 beneficiaries and the election of Board members for the new year. New board members include: David Mooney, Chairman; Wayne Rosenwinkel, President; Rob Russell, Vice President; Meredith Ritchie, Secretary; Michael Gard, Treasurer; Rich Holke and Albert Obay, Directors at Large. All Foundation directors are employed by Alliant Credit Union.

Alliant Credit Union Foundation directors attend Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Meeting. Left to right are Albert Obay; Wayne Rosenwinkel, President; Michael Gard, Treasurer; Meredith Ritchie, Secretary; Rob Russell, Vice President; David Mooney, Chairman; and Rich Holke.

“We look forward to continuing our contributions and support to charitable organizations and other causes that help enhance the quality of life in communities we serve. And we encourage other businesses and organizations to do the same,” Mr. Rosenwinkel added.

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