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Alliant Credit Union Foundation Launches Million Dollar Challenge Focused on Advancing Digital Inclusion


Grants to be awarded to nonprofits, community groups and initiatives aimed at driving digital equity


CHICAGO, IL, November 1, 2023 – In an effort to help bridge the digital divide for vulnerable American families and communities, the Alliant Credit Union Foundation has announced the launch of its Million Dollar Challenge, a program that will award nonprofit organizations and community initiatives across the nation with $1 million in grants to foster digital inclusion.

“Across the nation, unequal digital access has created economic and financial literacy disadvantages for our most at-risk communities,” said Meredith Ritchie, Board President, Alliant Credit Union Foundation. “Through these grants, the Alliant Credit Union Foundation is taking action to help bring digital equity and inclusion for more Americans at the local level, in communities where it’s needed most.”

Digital inclusion, includes providing technology devices and affordable, reliable broadband, delivering digital skills education, and advocating for internet accessibility reform, has never been more crucial. Finances are handled online, our doctor appointments are booked online and the majority of education and learning now takes place online. Technology and internet access have become a necessity rather than a luxury.

The Million Dollar Challenge focuses on three core areas:

1. Technology Access: Bringing technology devices and affordable, reliable broadband to the people who need them most.

2. Digital Education: Delivering digital education to impacted communities, empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age.

3. Advocacy: Calling upon community leaders to champion internet accessibility reform, ensuring that everyone can participate in the digital world.

Non-profit organizations and community initiatives that share Alliant’s vision for a digitally inclusive future are encouraged to apply for grants through the Alliant Foundation. To access the grant request form and submit your proposal, please visit: and send the completed submission form via email to [email protected].

Stark digital divide statistics include the following:

  • Of adults 65 years old or older, only 53% have a smartphone and only 59% have home broadband.
  • Of households making less than $30k per year, only 56% have home internet.
  • Over 21 million Americans in rural areas are impacted by unreliable connections or internet price gouging.
  • One in five parents with children say their homework can’t be completed due to lack of computer access or an unreliable internet connection.
  • 42 million people in the US lack high-speed connectivity (fixed or wireless).

To learn more about the Alliant Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge, and additional foundation efforts please visit: Alliant Credit Union Foundation - Alliant Credit Union Foundation.

About the Alliant Credit Union Foundation:

Established in 2008, the Alliant Credit Union Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation with a vision to provide reliable broadband, digital literacy resources and technology equipment for underserved communities including rural, digitally-challenged and under-resourced populations through investments with strategic, charitable partners. Through grants and investments, the Foundation partners with charitable organizations that provide reliable broadband, digital literacy resources, and technology equipment.


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