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Alliant to Provide Quarter Million in Grants to Digital Inclusion Initiatives


Alliant, a nationwide digital credit union and one of the largest “challenger banks,” announced the Alliant Credit Union Foundation’s “Quarter Million-Dollar Challenge” today.

The foundation has $250,000 in grants to fund digital inclusion initiatives. Alliant is partnering with eligible 501(c)(3) organizations to bridge the digital divide in the following ways:

  • Bringing technology devices and affordable, reliable broadband to the people who need them most
  • Delivering digital skills education to impacted communities
  • Calling upon our community leaders for internet accessibility reform

This grant opportunity is available at until March 31.

Alliant launched its digital inclusion initiative in July 2021 to support the need for broadband access, technology equipment and technology education. The digital credit union provides support through Alliant Foundation grants and by working with key digital inclusion partners.

To date, the Alliant Foundation has provided over $200,000 in digital inclusion grants, and Alliant has helped equip 900 families with computers through device drives while partnering with five digital inclusion organizations to create a more digitally equitable nation.

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