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ExpressJet to participate in Alliant Credit Union’s Financial Wellness Program

01/07/2014• Press Releases

Alliant Credit Union announces that ExpressJet, the world’s largest regional airline, has signed on to offer its 9,000 aviation professionals the opportunity to participate in Alliant’s Financial Wellness Program. ExpressJet’s Cathy Harris, Vice President, People Resources, said of the program, “We look forward to expanding the suite of benefits available to ExpressJet employees through our relationship with Alliant Credit Union. Alliant’s Financial Wellness Program will help our employees to learn more about personal finance and improve the financial wellness of their families.”

Alliant, experienced in serving airline professionals from its historical start serving the employees of United Airlines, is proud to be included as one of the wellness initiatives that ExpressJet provides for their employees.

The Alliant Financial Wellness Program helps its members gain greater skill and confidence in handling their finances by providing them with a toolkit of personal finance resources. The variety of financial resources and educational tools available in the program accommodate the fact that one size does not fit all when it comes to financial literacy and financial wellness.

Alliant’s Financial Wellness Program includes:

  • Financial wellness videos (available online 24/7) from personal finance expert and best-selling author Jean Chatzky, SavvyMoney’s Director of Education
  • Free quarterly credit scores 
  • Financial “news-you-can-use” and “how-to” tips from our newsletters, blog and social media channels 
  • Our Personal Financial Management tool, enabling Alliant members to create and manage their budgets, track their spending and identify ways to save and meet their financial goals
  • Free on-demand financial courses, videos and games
  • Free online Financial Wellness Assessment

ExpressJet’s Alliant members will experience these additional financial benefits:

  • Higher than bank rates for savings accounts, lower than bank rates for loans, plus fewer and lower fees than with banks
  • Full-service financial planning to help them develop an investment and retirement plan that works best for them
  • Financial counseling

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