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Members of Alliant Credit Union Donate Money to help Foster Youth


In connection with Alliant Credit Union's sponsorship of Foster Care to Success (formerly Orphan Foundation of America), Alliant members recently contributed money to the charity's Red Scarf Fund, according to David W. Mooney, President and CEO of the Chicago based credit union. Throughout April 2011, display materials in Alliant Service Centers nationwide asked for member donations to assist foster students with college living expenses. "Alliant members responded generously by donating over $5,500", said Mr. Mooney. "Alliant Credit Union Foundation added another $5,000 in matching contributions, bringing the total to more than $10,500."

These generous donations were converted into $25 VISA® Gift Cards to be included in "care packages" to help foster students with day-to-day college living expenses. Without assistance, many of the students would have trouble getting by while away at school.

Foster Care to Success Executive Director Executive Director Eileen McCaffrey added, "The overwhelming response of Alliant Credit Union members to our Red Scarf Drive is proof positive that people really care about foster youth. And providing the donations as gift cards shows that Alliant understands these young people and their needs while attending college. In fact, what could please them more than getting a gift card by mail?"

The Red Scarf Fund got its name from a program the charity started in 2005. That year, they began asking for donations of handmade red scarves as Valentine's Day gifts for foster students attending college. 3,500 scarves were donated. The very next year, over 15,000 scarves were generously provided. The Red Scarf program continues to be extremely successful, endorsed by major knitting clubs and associations...with scarves being sent to foster students along with gift items that many other students receive from their parents.

"Alliant's main purpose as a sponsor of Foster Care to Success (FCS) is to assist in their mission of helping foster children achieve education goals and successfully enter the workforce," Mr. Mooney added.

Based in Sterling, Virginia, the charity serves thousands of foster teens across the U.S., focusing on those who are "aging out" of the foster care system. FCS helps these teens become successful by:

  1. Awarding grants and scholarships for higher education; 
  2. Providing family-like support through care packages, mentoring and internships; 
  3. Raising awareness of the challenges faced by youth leaving the foster care system; 
  4. Creating opportunities for citizens, businesses & civic organizations to volunteer.

FCS is also a qualifying organization for Alliant membership. By making a $10 or greater donation, anyone can become a member of FCS and qualify to join Alliant. Applicants must also meet other eligibility requirements for Alliant membership. Learn more »

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