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What is Same Day ACH?

“Same Day ACH” is a regulatory change made effective on September 23, 2016. Same Day ACH will lead to faster money transfers between financial institutions, giving consumers access to their transferred funds more quickly. Under Same Day ACH, the financial institution receiving an Automated Clearing House (ACH) funds transfer will make it available to the fund depositor on the same day as it was transferred, provided that daily cutoff times are met.

Alliant prides itself on making its members’ funds available to them as quickly as possible. When most banks were making ACH deposits available to their customers only after a 2-day lag, Alliant processed nearly all of its ACH transfers within one business day. Now, we’re making funds available even faster. With same-day ACH, all ACH transfers sent from your originating financial institution by 1:45pm CT will post by 5:00pm the same day!

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