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Fun things to do on a budget

Going to the library or attending a book store event is a fun thing to do on a budget.
June 25, 2019

By Kathryn Pins

Many of us have long-term financial goals, such as saving for a house or paying off student loans. Achieving those goals requires hard work and sacrifice, but we also want to live in the present and enjoy ourselves now. Finding a balance can be difficult, so we brainstormed some fun things to do on a budget and came up with a pretty lengthy list. Hopefully, this list will get you thinking of what else you can incorporate into your life on the cheap. So, enjoy yourself guilt-free while getting closer to accomplishing your financial goals!


1. Set up a picnic

This can either be a quiet relaxing afternoon with a book, a snack and some sunshine, or you could invite others for yard games and conversation.

2. Go on a hike

Head to a National Park and discover a new spot while challenging yourself.

3. Map out a fun bike ride

Pick a destination or a path you’ve wanted to try out and make it an adventure.

4. Check out a street fest

Street fests are great because they often have free entertainment and you can learn about local businesses in your community.

5. Visit an animal shelter and walk a dog

Spend some time with a furry friend and make a difference in your community.

6. Go on a free walking tour

Many cities have free walking tours. Check one out and be a tourist in your own city.

7. Have a bonfire

Grab the s'mores and enjoy the outdoors.

8. Head to the park or beach

Let the kids burn off some energy and make it a fun day.


9. Visit the library

The library has a ton of community events and classes. Attend one of those or grab a book from your reading list.

10. Start a book club

Get to know your friends even better with a discussion around a popular book.

11. Play board games

Invite some people over for a game night! Ask them to bring one of their favorites.

12. Visit a museum

Most museums have free days. Look up those days online and learn something new.


13. Host a potluck

You could even combine a game night with a potluck and try a new dish.

14. Attend an art opening

Chances are that there are some very talented people in your neighborhood. Relax and enjoy the art.

15. Attend a reading at a bookstore

Discover a new author or escape into a favorite genre at a reading.

16. Volunteer

Pick an organization or activity you enjoy and give back by volunteering your time.

17. Attend a park event

Parks departments offer tons of events, including movies, yoga, dance lessons and ice skating.


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Kathryn Pins is a marketing content specialist at Alliant. She’s passionate about finding and communicating meaningful financial information with Money Mentor readers. Kathryn is a saver who gets more excited about certificates and her Roth IRA than shopping. When she does spend her earnings, it’s on furthering her education, travel, unique experiences, and loved ones.