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It pays to be a member of Alliant – $213 a year (or more)

a low fee credit union saving a person money
February 04, 2014


The Alliant Advantage is more than just a slogan. The average Alliant member earns a financial benefit of $213 per year (and the average household, $405) for doing business with Alliant Credit Union – compared to doing business with a bank, according to a national economic study prepared by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA).

These numbers represent the total benefits we provided divided across all members – even those who conduct very little business with Alliant. CUNA also estimates that Alliant provided "loyal high-user" member households $1,210 in direct financial benefits during the 12 months ending June 2013.

The report points out that Alliant offers lower loan rates than banks on

  • new and used car loans
  • fixed rate and adjustable rate first mortgages
  • credit card loans

Alliant also pays its members higher dividends on savings, Free High Rate Checking, Certificates and IRAs. And in addition to its great rates for lending and saving, Alliant offers low fees to its members. This no or low-fee banking experience lets them save more and helps their savings grow faster. 

CUNA calculated that Alliant provided more than $58,905,677 in direct financial benefits to our 276,652 members during the 12 months ending June 2013. To compare our benefits against banks, CUNA used the average bank rates provided by Datatrac Corp., which monitors more than 20,000 banks and credit unions.

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