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Our 5 favorite financial podcasts for 2017

best financial podcasts
January 11, 2017

By Alissa Green

Maybe your new year’s resolution was to save more and you think a financial podcast is just the ticket. Maybe your resolution was to learn more about the economy at large. Maybe you haven’t made any resolutions at all, but are simply interested in becoming more money smart.

Whatever made you pause from your busy day to learn more about the best financial podcasts, we’re glad you’re here.

Below are five of our favorite financial podcasts. Enjoy!

Planet Money

The King Kong of financial podcasts in terms of popularity (it’s the #6 podcast overall in the U.S.!), Planet Money covers a broad range of financial topics. In short, though, it specializes in helping everyday consumers better understand the economy – in layman’s terms. 

In addition to urgent financial topics, Planet Money also shares surprising and nuanced financial stories that are a bit more esoteric, like how the invention of the candle led to increased global prosperity or how all hand bells are made by two rival companies with a decades-long feud. 

Recent podcasts include: The Last Bank Bailout, Bell Wars and the History of Light.  

Listen, Money Matters

Personable, funny, and honest. What more can you ask for in a personal finance podcast? Insights from both a former investment banker and a current small business owner certainly don’t hurt. The hosts’ rapport is incredibly comfortable and together they collectively can speak to: the ins-and-outs of budgeting, general investing, paying off debt and boosting one’s income. My favorite part of Listen, Money Matters is that it feels like I’m hanging out in the hosts’ living room, just casually chatting about money. 

Recent podcasts include: “Killing It – a chat with Sheryl O’Loughlin (entrepreneur extraordinaire),” “Are You Financially Ready for the New Year?” and “What is Your Budgeting Style?” 

Stacking Benjamins

If you enjoy podcasts told in a magazine format (think 10-15 minute long segments) with a focus on expert interview interviews, you’re in luck. Joe Saul-Sehy, a former financial planner, along with a rotating gaggle of his financially fit friends (including his regular Joe co-host, the OG), runs Stacking Benjamins like a lighthearted variety show. Honestly, it can be a real laugh riot. 

That said, if you want immediately applicable tips, it may not be for you; it’s less focused on pointed financial advice, instead focusing on entertaining commentary about current events in the financial world. That said, if you’re open to learning about a range of topics and want to enjoy the ride, it’s a great option. 

Recent podcasts include: “What Should We Have Learned in 2016?,” “Signs You Have a Fantastic Investment Portfolio” and “How Do You Help the Family and Save?”

The Investors Podcast

The tagline for The Investors Podcast is “We Study Billionaires.” During the podcast, hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson discuss the books billionaires read and interview the people billionaires interact with, effectively summarizing the key money nuggets and financial insights they discover. 

They also interview leading authorities on stock investing and macroeconomics, as well as influential business book authors, giving aspects of the podcast the feel of a TED Talk. Some of the podcast is higher brow, but much of their content is easy for anyone to understand. 

Recent podcasts include: “Investing Legend Bill Miller on Apple, Amazon, Bonds & Tesla, “The 35 Year Bond Bubble w/Grant Williams” and “Good to Great – A Review of Jim Collins’ Book”

Money Girl Podcast

The Money Girl Podcast is a great option for those looking for practical financial tips in 20 minutes or less. Or, as I like to think of it: Get in, get out and get educated. The show overpromises a bit, telling listeners that the show will help them “Live Rich and Love the Journey”, but the advice itself is sound — and worth tuning in for. Host Laura Adams specializes in breaking down complex financial questions with answers that are both concise and practical. Definitely a helpful podcast for those looking to increase their financial IQ in short order. 

Recent podcasts include: “7 Financial Resolutions that Will Save You Thousands,” “The Cheapest Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loans” and “How to Prepare Your Credit for a Mortgage.”

Disclaimer: Alliant is not affiliated with the above podcasts and is not responsible for advice given.

Alissa Green is the Digital Marketing Manager at Alliant. She has 10+ years experience writing/blogging and has written for Jezebel, The Onion,, and amongst other sites. The best piece of financial advice she’s gotten was from her mother, who says one should never try to beat the market (thanks, mom!). In her spare time, you can find Alissa enjoying the local comedy scene, exploring different Chicago neighborhoods, supporting the Chicago Humanities Festival and reading up on FinTech.

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