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Visa Checkout: A secure and convenient way to pay

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August 01, 2017

By Pam Leibfried

Want to pay online quickly, without filling out those long payment forms and entering your credit or debit card info? Just sign up for Visa Checkout, a digital wallet service from Visa, and use it when you check out at participating online retailers and restaurants. Once you've entered your credit or debit card into your Visa Checkout wallet, you can pay by just clicking the Visa Checkout button and typing in your Checkout username and password.

And Visa Checkout isn't just faster. It also reduces the risk that your financial data will be compromised. Instead of you entering your card numbers and billing address, Visa Checkout sends the retailer a payment code, so they never even get your actual credit or debit card number. Even if the retailer's payment systems are compromised, your card number is protected.  

How do I sign up for Visa Checkout? 

Sign-up is easy. Just go to the Visa Checkout Enroll Now page and follow the prompts. You’ll need to give Visa all your standard payment info (name, credit card info, billing and shipping addresses, etc.) to set up your account, but after that, any time you use Visa Checkout, you just type in your login and password. 

Visa Checkout demo

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