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3/1/14  Grab Bag
Tips for preparing your taxes

Learn about some of the tax code changes that could impact your 2013 or 2014 tax returns.

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3/1/14  Smart Spending Tips
Five common ways to waste money

Ever get the nagging feeling that there’s a hole in your wallet? Learn five common ways people waste their money. Then find out how to steer clear of these practices to keep more of your cash.

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3/1/14  Grab BagSavings & Retirement
Bitcoins: Is this digital currency better than regular money?

Thrilling investment or cyber Ponzi scheme? Will bitcoins achieve general acceptance, and is it time for you to use them?

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2/4/14  Alliant News
It pays to be a member of Alliant – $213 a year (or more)

The average Alliant member earns a financial benefit of $213 per year for doing business with Alliant Credit Union – compared to doing business with a bank, according to a national economic study prepared by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA).

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2/4/14  Credit 101Up Your Security IQ
Protect the security of your debit and credit cards

Tips and resources for keeping your debit and credit cards safe.

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2/4/14  Savings & RetirementSmart Spending Tips
Making the new year more financially secure

Learn tips and tricks that may just help you keep your resolution alive…and help you achieve your financial goals in 2014.

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