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6/10/20  Smart Spending Tips
How to save for pet expenses

Here’s how to save for annual costs for a pet so you can easily fit your best friend into your budget.

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5/14/20  Smart Spending Tips
How to negotiate cable and utility bills

Here are some key tips and tricks that will ensure you don’t pay a penny more for these services than is absolutely necessary.

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4/28/20  Smart Spending Tips
Travel tips to keep your money secure

Planning a trip requires careful preparation. Here are some travel tips to keep your money secure and available while you’re out exploring.

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3/4/20  Smart Spending Tips
Why your checking account type matters

Your checking account should allow you to spend and deposit with ease. Take a look at your options so you can pick the best account for you.

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1/30/20  HousingSmart Spending Tips
How to better plan for home repairs

As you set your home improvement budget each month, you may wonder if you’re setting aside the right amount. Have no fear! We're here to help you plan for common expenses.

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1/21/20  Smart Spending Tips
How to use an allowance to teach children about money

Learn why an allowance remains a powerful way to give children a hands-on way to understand money.

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