Last minute gift guide

December 23, 2014 | Jess Bedsole

The holidays are practically in our laps, so what are you doing still searching for the perfect gift?

Are you shopping for the person who has everything? The people who always buy themselves whatever they want? Or how about the brother who never likes what you buy him?

Start by thinking of what you can buy them today. Since there are only a few days left in the holiday shopping season, try not to order and ship anything online. Rushed shipping charges can cost way too much and the stress of wondering if your package will arrive on time isn’t worth the struggle.

Gift cards are a great, instant solution to many holiday shopping dilemmas. There are creative ways to give gift cards that make them that much more personal.

If the people you’re shopping for already have more than enough tangible items to fill their home, consider a charitable contribution in their name to an organization they believe in. Organizations need donations year-round, so beginning the tradition of a monthly donation in someone’s name is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Some people have plenty, but they will never turn down a gift for their four-legged friends. Giving home made treats for the family dog or cat (checking allergens first) is always welcomed. Does the family have a different pet like a horse or hamster? Try a gift basket full of their favorite snacks.

Glassware is something that your favorite hosts and hostesses will never have too much of. Giving a favorite beverage with a set of unique or seasonal glasses is both thoughtful and useful. Every holiday seems to bring an accidental elbow to a wine glass or a toddler dropping Nana’s favorite mug. This makes interesting beverage containers an easy, affordable and useful gift.

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