Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)

Greater Flexibility. Lower Monthly Payments.

With an Alliant adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), you’ll gain the advantage of a lower monthly payment during the beginning of your loan term. That’s an advantage when you’re faced with new home expenses, such as furniture and upgrades.

  • Available in
    1/1 Year 2.375% Rate / 3.025% APR
    3/1 Year 2.375% Rate / 2.937% APR
    5/1 Year 2.750% Rate / 2.986% APR
    7/1 Year 3.125% Rate / 3.130% APR
    10/1 Year 3.750% Rate / 3.535% APR
  • You can finance up to 95% of the purchase up to $417,000 of a new home, condominium or townhome. Talk to one of our home loan specialists for more information 800-328-1935 Option 5.
  • 0 points
  • Jumbo loans available, higher rates may apply

Get a complete rate and fee quote for all the loan types that you may be eligible for.

We give our members access to a full line of mortgage products in all 50 states with exceptional benefits.

  • Up to 80% financing available on 1- and 3-year ARMs
  • Up to 95% financing available up to $417,000 on 5, 7 and 10 year ARMs
  • No private mortgage insurance (PMI) up to 80% LTV or escrow on ARMs
  • Buydown option available
  • Low, fixed origination fee
  • Convenient automatic payment option
  • Option to lock-in at a guaranteed interest rate up to 60 days before closing
  • 120-day rate lock-in available on new construction-end loan at no extra charge
  • Second home or vacation home loans available with financing up to 80%

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between a fixed and an adjustable rate (ARM) mortgage loan?
Each loan has specific advantages. For example, the fixed rate loan provides you with the safety and security of knowing your rate is locked in for the entire term of your loan, and that your monthly payment won’t change. An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) requires a lower payment amount in the beginning of the loan so that you can take care of other necessary expenses, like buying furniture for a new home. Talk to an Alliant loan specialist to help determine the loan that’s right for you.

I’m not sure how to choose. What should I do?
We understand. Buying a home is a big decision, so we’re here to help. An Alliant home loan specialist can help you review the terms, structure and benefits of each type of loan. That way, you can be sure that you and your family select the right home loan for your situation.

Should I be worried that my payment will go up dramatically after a certain time?
The monthly payment in an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loan can change after a specific amount of time, according to your loan structure. Talk with an Alliant home loan specialist to review the terms of your ARM loan and make sure you understand how your payment can change over time.

Get a complete rate and fee quote for all the loan types that you may be eligible for.

View our fee schedule.

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