What are you saving for?

Whether you're saving for a wedding, vacation, new car or a charitable donation, a separate savings account is the perfect strategy for reaching your goal.

High Interest Online Savings Account
The Run Down
  • Reach your goals faster with rates that are 15x higher70 than bank industry averages
  • Open up to 19 supplemental saving accounts, each with their own personalized nickname
  • Deposit checks on your schedule with the Alliant Mobile Banking app
  • Build an emergency fund by setting up electronic deposits and transfers or recurring transfers through online banking
  • Going big for your wedding? No maximum balance limit24
  • No matter your dream, there are no monthly fees72
  • NCUA insured to at least $250,000
  • Enjoy a lower secured loan rate with your supplemental savings as collateral
1.05 %
1.045 %

With an average daily balance of $100 or more

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What are you saving for?

You can create a Supplemental Savings Account online to save for anything - a vacation, wedding, emergency fund, and more.

You can open up to 19 supplemental accounts. Just remember, keep an average daily balance of $100 or more in each account to take advantage of Alliant’s high savings dividend rates.


Depositing checks is a snap!

Depositing money into your Supplemental Savings Account is fast and easy with our mobile deposit app.

Supplemental Savings Account Rates63

1.05 %
1.045 %

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Supplemental Savings FAQs

What’s the difference between a regular savings account and the supplemental savings account?

The only difference is that a supplemental savings is an additional savings account. You can name each account based on your specific financial goals — saving up for a vacation, making a large purchase, etc. — allowing you to more easily track your progress toward that goal.

Can I have more than one supplemental savings account?

Yes. You can have up to 19 supplemental savings accounts.

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance to have a savings account or to earn interest?

The minimum balance to keep your savings account open is $5. To earn interest, you must maintain a daily average minimum balance of $100. Alliant interest is paid monthly.

Are there any transaction restrictions for savings accounts?

The number of withdrawal transactions from savings accounts are limited by federal law.

What is a preauthorized transaction?

A preauthorized transaction includes any arrangement with Alliant to pay a third party from your account upon verbal or written requests, including those received through the automated clearing house (ACH).

Why can’t I get a debit card for my savings account?

Savings accounts are a convenient way for members to save money. Federal regulations restrict the number of electronic transactions on savings accounts to six per month, excluding personal withdrawals. For this reason, we provide members a limited-use Convenience Card, which permits members to withdrawal cash from Alliant network ATMs. We encourage members to open a checking account for more flexible access to their money, while relying on a savings account for their money to remain and grow.

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