It's never too early to teach good financial habits

An Alliant Kids Savings Account is a perfect way for younger children to learn how saving will help them meet their goals.

Kids Savings Accounts
The Run Down
  • 14.3x higher rate71 than what most banks pay
  • Perfect savings account for kids 12 and younger
  • All Kidz Klub accounts are joint accounts co-owned by a parent, grandparent or guardian
  • Review balances and transfer money in online banking and mobile banking
  • We'll pay your $5 initial deposit22 to get your child started!
  • Deposit birthday checks with our mobile banking app
  • No monthly fees22 for members electing eStatements
  • NCUA insured to at least $250,000
1.00 %
0.995 %
Have a teenager too?

An Alliant Teen Checking account is the perfect checking account for teens 13-17. It's specially designed to help young adults learn how to responsibly manage money.

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The perks of an Alliant Kidz Klub Savings Account

The Alliant Kidz Klub Account is open to children ages 12 years and younger.

Power of compound interest

Teach your child about the power of compound interest. Once your child has $100 or more in a Kidz Klub Savings Account, it pays dividends — to the tune of 1.00% APY.

Make saving a habit

Easily set up supplemental accounts for your child’s goals – whether they’re saving for a bike or looking ahead to save for college. Plus, our free Alliant Convenience Card makes it easy to deposit via ATM!


Kidz Klub members can apply for Alliant’s annual National Education Program, which gives away computer gift cards every summer.

Deposit checks with your child

With our mobile banking app, you can easily scan and deposit checks right from your phone. Next time your son or daughter gets a birthday check, deposit the money together to show how fun saving can be!

Kids can track their savings

Our savings accounts for kids can be easily accessed by you and your child through Alliant Online Banking or via our mobile banking app any time. Watch the money grow over time to get your child excited about saving.

Awards & Recognition

Kiplinger's logo

"Best Deals in Banking of 2015" - Kiplinger

Kidz Klub - Magnify Money Award

"Best Savings Account for Children" - MagnifyMoney

Step 1: Download and fill out application for an Alliant Kidz Klub Account

Step 2: Submit application

To submit your PDF application via secure email, fill out the form below and we will email you with instructions within one business day. Our priority is to protect your personal information so we’ve created a secure email channel to help ensure the safety of your application information.


We’ll give you a call if we need additional information from you. If you have mailed in your application and haven’t heard from Alliant about the status of your account within 14 business days after applying, or have faxed in your application or dropped it off a branch & haven’t heard from us within 7 business days, give us a call at 800-328-1935 and request an update.

Need an alternative way to submit your application?

Mail to:

Alliant Credit Union 
Attn: Account Services
PO Box 66945
Chicago, IL 60666-0945

Fax to:

(773) 462-2124

Visit a branch

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Kidz Klub Savings for Kids Rates63

1.00 %
0.995 %

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Kidz Klub Fees41

Paper Account Statement Fee (each) $1

Kidz Klub FAQs

Why do I need to save?

Spending money is fun, but saving money can be fun, too. And, saving money is one of the smartest things you can do. Whether you’re saving for a cool new game or toy, a new bike or your future education, every little bit of money you save adds up. Plus, it’s fun to watch your money grow.

Why can’t I just keep my money in a piggy bank?

Piggy banks are a good start, but if you want to save smarter, it’s best to start putting your money in a savings account.

What’s a dividend?

A dividend is money that Alliant pays you for keeping your money in an account with us and being a member. The dividends you earn help you save money even faster. Another word for dividend is interest.

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance to get dividends?

To qualify for dividends, you must maintain a daily average minimum balance of $100. Alliant dividends are paid monthly.

Is Alliant a bank?

Alliant is better than a bank. We are a credit union that's owned by our members. That means that your new Kidz Klub account makes you a member AND part owner. Your membership represents your share in Alliant Credit Union.

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