Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)

Additional Repair Coverage for Your Vehicle

Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing that if your vehicle experienced an unexpected mechanical breakdown, the repairs could be covered by an extended service contract?

  • 3 different plan options – Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
  • 4 different deductible options – $0, $100, or $250.

Make sure to compare the Mechanical Repair Coverage (PDF) before you purchase an extended service contract from a car dealer. We may be able to offer you better coverage at a lower price.

Benefits of the program:

  • Good at any authorized repair facility in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Rental reimbursement: Up to $30/day for 5 days from day one – extended to 10 days for parts delay.
  • 24 hour emergency roadside assistance: Up to $100 per occurrence; includes towing, battery/jump start, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance and lock out service.
  • Travel expense reimbursement: Up to $500 for lodging, food and rental expense when a covered breakdown or collision occurs more than 100 miles from home.
  • No out of pocket expense (except for any deductible & any repairs not covered by the policy): The covered repair is paid directly to the authorized repair facility by the plan.
  • Transferable: If you sell your vehicle privately, the coverage can be transferred (PDF), adding resale value and appeal.
  • Cancel at any time: Receive a full refund within the first 90* days if you have not incurred a claim, or receive a pro-rated refund after 90 days. A nominal fee will apply.

Ask a Member Services Representative for details or receive a quote by calling (800) 328-1935.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for a quote or more information?
Contact an Alliant Credit Union Member Service Representative at (800) 328-1935.

Who do I contact to make a claim for repairs or to locate an authorized repair facility?
Call (800) 752-6265 – If you are a member in FLORIDA, call (800) 621-2130 (7:00am-7:00pm CT, M-F)

What should I do in the event of a breakdown?

  1. Arrange to have the vehicle taken to an authorized repair facility. If it needs to be towed, call Road America for roadside assistance (888) 723-3202.
  2. Authorize the repair facility to perform the necessary diagnosis and get a repair estimate.
  3. Have the repair facility call the claims number and obtain a repair authorization number prior to beginning any repairs covered by the policy/agreement.
  4. The repair facility will then perform the repairs.
  5. After repairs are complete, you should pay the required deductible and the cost of any repairs not covered by the policy/agreement to the repair facility. The claims department is able to make a direct payment to the repair facility.

Who do I contact for 24 hour emergency roadside assistance?
Contact Road America at (888) 723-3202

Can I purchase Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) after I have already purchased my vehicle and have my car loan?
Yes, you can purchase MRC on your vehicle that is 10 years old or newer with 100,000 miles or less regardless of when it was purchased or financed.

How do I transfer Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)?

  1. If you are privately selling a vehicle protected by MRC, the remaining coverage can be transferred to the new owner.
  2. Fill out and sign the Transfer Form (PDF).
  3. Mail the form and appropriate transfer fee (currently $30) to the Administrator.

How do I cancel Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)?

  • If you cancel the Agreement within the first 90* days of the date issued, and you have not incurred a claim, a 100% refund will be made less an administrative fee of $30. If you cancel the Agreement after 90 days, a pro-rated refund will be made based upon the greater of the time or mileage used, less an administrative fee of $30.
  • If you trade in your vehicle protected by MRC or determine that you no longer wish to protect your vehicle, the remaining coverage can be canceled.
  • Contact an Alliant Credit Union Member Service Representative at (800) 328-1935.
  • Refunds will be applied towards your loan balance if the cost of MRC was borrowed as part of a loan.

What is not covered under any of the plans?

  • Normal maintenance services and parts such as batteries, filters, lubricants, fluids, refrigerants, hoses, belts, wiper blades, brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums, suspension alignment, engine tune-up, wheels, shock absorbers, exhaust, friction clutch, EGR valve, etc.
  • Body structure and parts, trim, moldings, glass, light bulbs, upholstery, paint, etc.
  • Aftermarket equipment, components, systems or accessories not installed by the manufacturer.
  • Costs incurred to improve operating performance as result of normal wear and tear where a failure has not occurred.
  • Abuse, misuse and lack of regular maintenance.

What vehicles can I protect with Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)?

  • Cars (Excluding commercial use vehicles).
  • Trucks (Excluding trucks over 1 ton gross vehicle weight).

Can I purchase Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) for a non-Alliant financed vehicle?

  • Yes

If my original vehicle warranty covers a breakdown can I still use my other benefits like rental, roadside assistance and emergency travel expense?

  • Yes

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